Solana's Unladylike Thoughts

May 23, 2001

The words
"There were many kinds of loneliness, she discovered. There was a loneliness that came from understanding but not being understood. There was the loneliness of having no one to banter or argue with, no one to be challenged by. Loneliness at night was different from the daylight loneliness that sometimes overwhelmed her in the midst of a crowd. She became a connoisseur of loneliness" describe my feelings so well, that it was somewhat of a shock to find that they flowed not from my own pen, but that of Mary Doria Russell in the book Children of God.
The character whose thoughts these were was alone on a planet other than her home planet. The only  one of her kind alive.
I am on the planet on which I was born, and no doubt the one on which I will die. How is it that my thoughts echo hers so exactly?
One brief shining moment in my life, the clouds opened up and the sun broke through . This was a moment of pure selfish joy. Acknowledgement of self and soul. This was a moment when I found that there was someone whose shoes made a perfect echo to my lonely steps.
It was a moment of such intense feeling and such a 'rightness' that I knew in that moment that my life would never be the same again.
How could I be so right.. and so wrong.
I have joys in my life of course, my children come to mind. Some friends...
But the loneliness that closed in around me when the clouds came back together.. gathering darker and thicker than ever they had before... seem impenetrable. And still they gather. . .


April 17. 2002

Explosives in the kitchen?


I think it was Hooch that mentioned using kitchen explosives to blow off the door of my garage when it was holding my car hostage, and I mentioned that sugar was an explosive. My husband used to work for Domino sugar and they had to be very careful lest they blow up the plant! I learned that they use sugar in the making of movies at times, when they want to have an exciting looking explosion… interesting don’t you think?


Well today I learned about another item found in the normal everyday kitchen that, under the right conditions.. Will explode.


Eggs. Yes, I said eggs.  You see, I plan to make a blackened chicken salad for dinner tonight, as it is hot and humid, more like July than April. I thought a nice light dinner was in order. One of the ingredients of this salad is hard-boiled eggs. Now, when I want hard boiled eggs, I place them in a small pot and when the salty water boils, I cover them and remove them from the heat. Simple, right? Except for today, when I put half a dozen eggs on to boil and then took my bagel and coffee into the living room. polished them off and wandered upstairs to check my e-mail. Well, you know how that is. Once seated in front of the computer the rest of the world sort of faded into the mists.. and I sat here reading and writing and visiting site after site.


A while ago I thought I smelled something cooking.. and thought.. hmmm.. must be coming from next door.. then, the cooking smelled like burning.. and I heard things that sounded like light bulbs exploding. I ran down the stairs as fast as my chubby little legs would carry me.. and there were eggs exploding all over the place..


I ran to the stove to turn off the burner and to thrust the pot under cold water.. and stepped in hot mushy egg. The smell is remarkably offensive ( blech hardly begins to describe it ).


Question 1. How does one remove hard-boiled egg from the ceiling?

Question 2. Has anyone ever asked question 1 before?