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Our friend Susan Jones passed over to the spirit of the wolf on September 10, 2004.

This page has been created as a permanent testament to a remarkable woman and a

true Unladylike Evildoer.



I did not meet Sue until I was almost 80 years old and how I wish I had known her much sooner. Sue had a way of getting inside my heart and mind and nestling in with her teachings and caring. And oh, those hugs!  They reached clear across a continent and could warm my soul.


Sue was always wonderful to me.  She reached out and heard my lonely voice and helped me over some rough spots. Sue was just Sue - warm hearted, a husky voice on the phone with her dogs barking at the mailman in the background.  She filled a void in me because I was lonely and she cheered me, she helped take me on flights of fancy on a big Harley motorcycle.  And she sent me my beanie propeller cap.  She was funny and smart and warm and a dear friend.


She will forever be a part of me.  My world is empty now but it won't stay that way.  Because Sue has given me a part of her spirit and I will nourish it and be happy that she is always near telling me

Do not cry for me

I am whole and free now

This is where I will wait for you.

We shall meet again.  I promise.....Submitted by Flo a.k.a. Flogo


Hers was a selfless spirit. She gave much to many and asked for little. She was a teacher, a role model, a counselor; a confidant, co-conspirator and partner in crime. She was my friend, and she brought out the best in me. As heavy as my heart is, I am grateful to the Great Spirit for sending such a
one as her to us. Wolf Spirit Woman, I know you can hear me. Thanks for everything.
Great Spirit, hear me. You have called home our friend and our hearts are heavy. Receive her well. Lift us up so that we may remember her with joy and thankfulness. Lift us up so that we may see the beauty that is all around us. Open our hearts to our brothers and sisters that we may walk together on the good road. Great Spirit, hear me. I am small and weak. You have taken back my friend and my spirit is heavy. Lift me up.

Samuel Clemens Hill


My blessed Suzie~Q,

I cannot say,
I will not say
That you are dead,
You are just away.

So, until we meet another day,
I will hold you and keep you in my aching heart forever.

Your Jackie~O....Submitted by Psykomom

I came into UEC, needing somewhere different, new friends and a new outlook on life. And I found friends, such friends as I could ever hope to find. And kindred spirits, among them was Sue, full of laughter, wisdom, pithy advice, and a warm sharing of the spirit.

We talked often via email, about family, each other, feelings, and I always felt such love. But she is not gone, while my heart remembers she will live forever.

Sleep peacefully my friend
with love from your Katie Rae a.k.a. BadKate

I found a friend in Sue. A special lady. She handled her life with fortitude, grace and dignity and was always ready and willing to help those in need. I feel privileged to have known her. My life has been enriched by her friendship and diminished by her passing. I shall never forget her. I loved her. May her spirit soar. Rest in peace, dear Sue....Submitted by Claire


We are no less a "family" here...for all that many (or most) of us have never met in person. I could not imagine what was coming, when I got Deb's e mail regarding saying goodbye to another member of UEC. I still have the last e mails she sent me, and it will be a long, long time before I delete them, if I ever do. I am so thankful that when we reconnected, it was in a spirit of warmth and caring. That was so typical of Sue. She brought out the best in people, almost without knowing it. She once sent me a small gift of money, when we had no food in the house, and her request to me was that instead of paying it back, I pass it along to someone else in need. I have done so. She offered me her support with some difficult issues in my family that were hard to talk about to just anyone, and she did it without finding fault, laying blame, or standing in judgment. Her intelligence, common sense, humor and insight were tremendous, and she used them to the utmost advantage. She was a cheerleader for me when times were tough in graduate school, and no one was happier than she was when I finally earned my degree. Her e mails to me during those two years kept me going when I felt I couldn't take another step, read another book, or write another paper. Even her rants on UEC were fun to read...they cut to the heart of what was bothering her, and did so with wit so typical of her. Her compassion was a hallmark of her character, and her animal friends were soothed because of her care and concern. She would be having a fit, right now, because of the tears flowing from my eyes...but she would also understand that I live in a human skin and she would tell me, gently, that the pain will eventually heal. But for today, it is here in full force.

My heart is hurting because of her loss...but I am forever enriched, forever changed, for having met and been friends with Sue.

She remains strong in spirit, though she has gone where we cannot now follow. No longer must she bear the pain and frailty of her physical body. Her spirit is free to soar on the winds, which are full of the rustling of angels' wings.

So quickly, she departed from us...no time to hurt or suffer. As the sun set for her in this world.....she crossed a threshold, with joy in her eyes...to find the radiant light and warmth of all eternity opening before her, and loved ones who had gone ahead gathered to greet and welcome her home.

She may hover here in spirit now from time to time...but I know she is waiting....and one day, we will be reunited. She leaves behind, in our hearts, the spark of the being she was, and because of that, none of us will ever again be the same. I weep in sorrow at my heart's loss...but I rejoice that she is whole and free and happy in all the tomorrows of eternity.              Submitted by Karen a.k.a AngelSong


Sue and I met on AIH. After reading a couple of her posts there I was realizing that this was a woman with whom I could be best friends. I sent her a message about something...she replied and we did indeed become instant friends. Every once in awhile we all meet someone that we know belongs in our life and that for me was Sue...

Through the years our friendship grew as we faced the good and the bad....

A year ago, Sue sent my something that I treasure....a dainty set of glass wind chimes. When the breeze flows through they emit the most beautiful tinkle....over the last few days my chimes have been especially active....almost like Sue is there and gently running her fingers through the glass...I will always think of her when I hear my chimes...

How many years can a mountain exist
Before it is washed to the sea
How many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free
How many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn't see
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind..
Submitted by Deb a.k.a. GreyEyes

I only met Sue when I came to UEC, but meeting her was one of the most wonderful things that touched my life. She was a friend in the true sense of the word.

So much has happened in my life since I joined UEC and Sue was there through all of it. When I needed to talk and had no one else to turn to...Sue was there. When I felt like I was ready to give up...Sue was there. She never tried to advise me; she listened. She told me about things in her life that were much the same as mine. She lifted my spirits and made me see that things would all work out.

I so enjoyed her posts; her serious ones and her funny ones. How many times I cried for her and how many times I laughed with her. I felt her caring when she talked about her grandchildren. I felt her strength when she overcame difficult times. I felt her pain when it hurt her most.

Sue taught us about the Great Spirit, about nature and about the path of the Wolf. "Wolf Spirit Woman" was her nickname, a name that suited her well. I believe that the spirit of the wolf was in Sue and I know she believed it too.

I will miss you Sue. For all you have done for the people you know and the people you don't know...for all of the animals who have a richer, happier life because of you.

Sleep well my friend. May the Spirits lift you higher...higher than we will ever hope to ascend.

With love from a hurting heart, Linda a.k.a. LindaLady

I cannot find the words to say what I feel in my heart. Sue made me laugh and she laughed with me, we shared tears and frustrations and confidences. We had each others back in many ways, and she was more a part of my life than many that I  see every day. I never saw her face, but I felt her heart, and knew her spirit because she shared it so generously with her friends. Sue was a gift, a treasured gift in my life.


Sue was a wise and loving woman. She cared about Mother Earth and her creatures, large and small. She was both gentle and fierce, and truly carried within her the spirit of wolf.


When I sit under the blue sky, or listen to the rolling thunder, and perhaps especially when I gaze into the star filled night, I will remember my friend.

Gentle journey Sue… Wolfspirit Woman  … May the stars light your path, and may we meet again someday.

   Kathleen a.k.a. solana

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