Person Of The Year Award

Each year all members of the UEC will submit nominations for the person they believe personifies what the Internet is all about. This person will have had a positive impact as an individual and as a member of the world wide web.

2002 marks the first year for nominating a Person of The Year Award and this year the award goes to a man who, without his dream of a world-wide network of human to human knowledge exchange, most of us on the UEC would never have met.



Congratulations to this year's recipients of the annual UEC Person of The Year award. We have a tie this year! Both of these men are familiar to millions of web users and have impacted greatly upon many.

Chris Pirillo is known throughout the web as the owner of Lockergnome. His newsletters have been circulating for years and have become an invaluable resource for countless web users. Chris's expertise and knowledge have helped so many and his down-to-earth sense of humour continues to be a delight.

Fred Langa is also very well known throughout the Internet. His newsletter, the LangaList arrives in millions of web user's mailboxes and Fred has become known as a great teacher of everything wired.

Congratulations to Chris and Fred for your ongoing contributions to web users throughout the world and for being our Unladylike Evildoer's Person of The Year!






The man who gave us - Clay Johnson - is our first UEC Person of The Year 2002!


The Unladylike Evildoers Club