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I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance,
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances but they're worth taking,
Loving might be a mistake but it's worth making,
Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter,
When you come close to selling out reconsider,
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance......




It’s hard for me to put into satisfactory words what you mean to me, Kath. Along with being a fellow member here at UEC, you are also my friend, my sister and my spiritual guide in this walk called “life”. From our first meeting, it has always felt that you are a natural part of my everyday life. Your friendship has taught me many things and opened my eyes many times to possibilities I’d never ever thought of. And if my dogs could write a tribute, I know they would give you 10 barks for all that you’ve done for their lives.

Your incredible insight and courage in sharing your views here at UEC has been a tremendous gift to all of us. You have an impact, a gentle one, with all who meet you. You jump in and help wherever you see a need arise; more specifically during my recent illness, I know you have helped Deb in many ways while I wasn’t able to. It’s impossible to count the ways that you have helped to make UEC the wonderful “haven” it is for all of us. Love and many hugs,




What would we do without the people who come into our lives who, while not without concerns of their own, can always find the time to minister to the needs of others? The helping hand they offer and the shoulder that is ever there for others to
lean on mark them as very special and to be treasured. Such a person is our very own Solana. She is loved and should know she has a space all her own in our hearts.



You are such a wonderful, amazing person, sweet, terrific person...(I could go on and on!). Thank you so much for all your work at UEC, I really appreciate everything you have done for the club and everything you have taught me while at UEC. Thanks so much:)




Solana has made me feel at home. She has always been very kind and caring. We all have been blessed by knowing her. Thank you dear friend.



Dear Kath,
You have been an inspiration to me on a spiritual level, on a nutritional level, and mostly on a level of friendship and kindness. I feel so fortunate to have been able to get to know you as a friend, and I hope our friendship continues through this lifetime, and into several more.
Love and Hugs,





Solana is a very dear lady and I cherish her.

When I first saw a post from Solana some 2 or 3 years ago the name immediately made me envision someone serene, cool, calm and collected.

I've had phone chats with Solana, Emails back and forth, posts and repartee here on UEC and I haven't changed my vision of her as yet.

Solana/Kathy, is a complex lady. A sweet, caring, loving, imaginative, down-to-earth, funny, friendly, animal loving, spiritual and warm and wonderful woman.

I love her for all she is. For her passion for gardening and herbs and for her championing of many causes (animals especially.) For her ability to express herself so well. And for the beauty she sees in her little walks with her Jess.

Kath, it is such a pure pleasure to send you my most heartfelt good wishes. And my thanks for being the special kind of friend that appeared on my horizon and how glad I am that you continue to be a part of my little world. 



If I could pick a motherhood mentor, (besides my own mother, of course), it would be Solana. She has offered her sage advice for years and she is a calm and encouraging voice when I am in turmoil over the trials of being a mother. Solana is also one of the few people I know who realizes that a friendship can tolerate disagreement. She can look past the fact that we have very different opinions on some issues and offer her hand in friendship anyway. She is humble, yet bold. Ladylike, yet powerful. Wise, yet jubilant. Strong, yet overwhelmingly kind. Tara









Kath you are the epitome of these words plus so much more. You and I go back a long way and with the UEC I believe we have come full circle....we were meant to meet and be friends...I'm glad we found each other...Deb





How do I say what I feel for solana...kath...mom? I remember her name from way back when I entered the Q&A scene. Her name always brought a peaceful feeling, and I soon found that her words did too. We started getting close on AIH, I believe. Or was it when I returned to KP just before it went down for good? In any case, she became my internet mommy. And she has been like a mother to me--advice, love, concern...no shortage of those from her. She makes me want to be a better person so I can be more deserving of her.
I love her mysticism, her integrity, her courage to speak the truth. I love her love of nature and animals--her respect for life. I love how she stubbornly pushes her own troubles aside and treats me like I am the only thing that matters when we talk. I love that I can trust her completely.
I know we will be friends forever, and I hope we are in contact for just as long!
I love you kath--mom. Killy




Solana, my friend, I just want to say how lucky I am to have you for a friend. Your easy and gentle spirit is a subtle but deep influence and I am a better and richer man for it. When I'm down or confused or stressed out you always know what to say, you are like a clean breeze that blows away the fog so that I can see clearly. Your compassion for others is an example that I try to emulate. Even when I'm a thousand miles away I feel that we are connected and it is a comfort to me. I thank you for your friendship and want you to know that I am grateful to have such a blessing in my life. I wish you all happiness. May the stars light your path. :) With much love, respect and gratitude, Sammy




Who is Solana?  She's Kath, Kathleen, a friend, a listener, someone who believes in you, someone who gives you a shoulder to cry on.  She introduces you to Baked Potato Soup, to Krispy Kreme donuts and to crazy waiters.  She gives you the benefit of her knowledge and would rather offer help than accept help.  She has a great sense of humour and she's very intelligent.  She can speak on any subject and make you understand.
I've known Kath since our early days at KnowPost.  Even then I could see that she was a special person.  Her spirituality shone through and she was always there for anyone who needed her.  When I had the opportunity to meet her in person last year I looked forward to it as if I was going to meet a long lost loved relative.  She made me so comfortable, I didn't feel like it was our very first meeting. 
Kath, thank you.  Thank you for being there.  Thank you for being my friend.  You really are special.  You are loved.




Solana.........I am so glad to have the chance to tell you how much you mean to me and to UEC.  You are such a sweet, gentle soul and you personify the meaning of friendship.  You have contributed greatly to UEC and we are all very fortunate to have you among us.  You make the world a much better place.

As for myself,  you have been an invaluable friend to me.  You always seem to be here just when I need you and your kind words and your own brand of humor.  I know if I am feeling down, I can count on you to give me your strength, warmth and love.  I am very blessed to have you in my life.  Thank you for everything you have done for me, for the phone calls, the e-mails.  You are a very important part of my life. Jackie




To Kath

We have been friends a long time, we go back to the early days of KnowPost.

You have always been kind and caring, always reaching
out to those that need a hand.  I have needed that
hand many times, you untiringly reach down, pull me
up, dust me off, and nudge me gently forward.

I can never thank you enough...

You have been the kind of friend everybody wants, and
few are fortunate enough to have. You have been
brutally honest with me at times, saying things I did
not want to hear, but as a friend, it was necessary to
say them. You have shown me where I have been so
wrong, have been straying so far from my path, and you
were always there to help me get back.

I can never thank you enough...

You show kindness to all that inhabit this earth.  It
is wonderful to sit in your living room, surrounded by
all the animals you love so dearly and have saved from
ominous fates.
I can never thank you enough...

You have a love for your family that shows no bounds.
Your home reflects that love.  Your home is as
comfortable and easy to be in as you are easy to be
around. I love that you have allowed me to share time
with you in your cozy, loving home.

I can never thank you enough...

I know you endure your own secret pain, but you
unselfishly strive to alleviate the pain of others,
paying no mind to your own inner struggles.

I can never thank you enough...

Kath, you truly do walk on rice paper, sometimes it
does become imprinted with the footprint of kindness
and warmth that is you. You have imprinted my heart
with your love.  I am a better person for having known

I can never thank you enough...

...for being you,  the wonderful friend that you are.




SOLANA means sunshine in spanish.

well, that's exactly what we have here:  warmth and light.  which is about as befitting as i can think of for a warm and caring person.  Hooch



Hope you had a safe trip and things went well with you and your dad.



Dear Kathy, we 'met' on November 6th 1999, my very first day on KnowPost and my first time ever on a Q&A site. You mentioned Reiki somewhere, possibly in a Soap... I KPmailed you and asked you about it, since I had already attained my third degree in Reiki in August 1997 (Master Teacher, Usui Reiki)... I have kept track of you since then. You have given me inspiration and the urge to keep on going. Many times as I struggled in my life I would read some of your answers to others and I would get an insight that seemed to be directed straight at me. I learned to trust the Universe as those answers fitted the bill perfectly.

You are a wonderful friend and I value your friendship more than you will ever know or ever be able to comprehend. I look forward to the day when you and I will hug in person. I trust that this will happen in due time.

Namaste, Jocelyne